Home and Garden Events



Home and Garden Events in Columbus Georgia

The most beautiful aspect of home is just that – it is HOME:  Our place of refuge from the outside world.  It also becomes an extension of ourselves and worthy of style and beautification.  Columbus has Home and Garden events and vendors that can help you with the well tailored ‘all American lawn’ look as well as a healthy beautiful garden.  Flowers, trees, Bermuda and Zoysia grass, pine straw, fertilizer, and plants can all lead to a magnificent curb appeal.  But, you need the knowhow to use and/or take care of them.  At the same time you have to beat back the dandelions, the crabgrass, and the other weeds that seek to invade your space, and select the correct paint or siding for your home.  Keep watch at AllThingsColumbus.com for Home and Garden related events in our city!