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Biking in Columbus Georgia


Biking – that feeling of freedom with the wind in your face, and the knowledge that you are experiencing added health benefits by putting your body in motion!  Columbus, Georgia is full of bike trails thanks to the Rails-to-Trails conversion. 

Coasting down a wooded path, up a hilly trail, or racing a friend in a contest of pedal powered stamina are all exhilarating.  Equally pleasurable is watching your children pedal away on their bikes, training wheels and all, while you coast gently beside them, guiding them safely through the street crossings.  If you don’t have a bike, or don’t have an easy way to transport a bike, there are plenty of stations along the trail offering bike rentals at reasonable rates.  Grab your helmet, your gear, and set aside time for adventure.  Plenty of open biking paths await you in Columbus, Georgia.